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"Shawn has helped me be more aware of the negativity swirling around in my head, and realize that it's much more manageable than I previously admitted. Though it's a daily challenge, I feel better equipped to deal with it. Also "What would Shawn say?" sometimes runs in my head if I find myself playing the victim or being negative." - G.C. New York

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"Words can not express the influence Shawn has had on me. I could write an essay on all the positive changes I’ve had in life through him.
To keep it short and simple, he’s a life changer. Your life will improve like you have never thought it could. You will feel loved, inspired, motivated, ready to take over the world!
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- A.C, Los Angeles, CA

"I've known Shawn for 10 years. He told me to let go and be emotionally available, I met the man of my dreams three weeks later!"

- G.C, West Hollywood, CA

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